Wendy’s Unveils New Logo

Wendy’s Unveils New Logo

Hamburger giant Wendy’s will start to unveil their new look and logo.  The updated look will start to appear on advertising, product packaging, crew uniforms and new restaurant signage and menuboards.  The logo signals change and they want their customers to notice the new and improved menu items and service.  Some of the new Wendy’s will have fireplaces, flat screen TV’s, free WiFi and digital menuboards.  A place you want to hang out.

wendys burger

wendys logo


Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers on Urbanspoon

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  1. I’ve found that I don’t like their “new, improved” menu. For one thing, i don’t like my to go burgers wrapped in butcher paper because they get cold by the time I get home!

  2. I definitely like the look of that restaurant. I was just commenting the other day how nice Taco Bell is inside now (like the one in Huntersville, NC), compared to how it used to be. They made it more of a hangout spot, and that’s what a lot of Wendy’s desperately need, because the feel inside most is pretty sad (no music?), and very dated. Some I’ve been going to my entire life and they haven’t changed a thing.

    Be interesting to see if they do it like other fast food chains, and only update the high-performing restaurants, or go ahead and do all of them in this manner.

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