Winter is Coming to Nan & Byron’s Menu

Winter is Coming to Nan & Byron’s Menu

I love it when restaurants I frequent change it up. New menu items can be bittersweet. You walk in to order an old stand by only to see it replaced by a younger, sexier seasonal choice. Do not feel guilty, embrace the rush of venturing into uncharted territory.

Nan & Byron’s has thrown South End a curve ball over the last few months by taking the culinary focus up a notch. Chef Kyle Rhodes has stepped into his new Executive role with aplomb. He visited our table to explain some of the new dishes in person.


The first that we sampled was the well presented cheese and charcuterie plate. The presentation started with the Paul Bunyan inspired platter (Size and theme) and finished with a truly impressive assortment of life sustaining cuts of meat and cheese. When paired with the correct wines, I feel like I could live off plates like this alone until the ole’ ticker gave out.

The next up was probably my favorite dish. I have had terrific oysters from Charleston and New Orleans served in many inventive ways. I am not saying that Nan & Byron’s serves the best oysters I have ever had, but I am saying that this is a unique and memorable presentation from a landlocked gastropub. Thinly sliced pineapple topped with a fried oyster and a thinly sliced jalapeno drizzled with a barbecue vinaigrette makes a great dish to share or order as an appetizer.


The next up was the Tuna Tartare


No one is going to confuse N&B with a seafood shack, but I have had some serious seafood dishes there as of late. Tuna tartare is a go to sharable dish, and this should please the surf fans in the group.

My go to item for the new menu has to be the Burrata SaladNansBurratta

Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella, while the inside contains both mozzarella and cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture. This signature is served on top of roasted plums and poached pears and white balsamic dressing. If sharing, make sure you trust your partner. I have seen fisticuffs break out over the last bite of creamy burrata…



By Adam
My passion for great food, service, live music, and beer/wine/bourbon (not necessarily in that order) makes this type of work pretty entertaining.

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