Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar Rounds Out Phillips Place

Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar Rounds Out Phillips Place

My in-laws came to Charlotte over the holidays and as per usual, they wanted to take Lil’ Mama and me out for dinner. They love to travel and try new restaurants so we decided to try someplace new to us all and visited Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar in Phillips Place.


I recall a couple years back just after a Smith & Hawken closed up shop, the in-laws stayed at the Hampton Inn Phillips Place. My father-in-law was out for a stroll and stopped to look into the newly built Wolfgang Puck operation. A busboy was waiting out front and they got to talking and when he shared the story with me later, the takeaway was how earnest and enthusiastic this employee was about the quality of ingredients used at the new pizza bar. This resonated with me. Mediocre employees don’t really talk up their employers to strangers. This kid valued his job and liked the food. I remembered that story on the way to restaurant and I got excited.


Anticipation of tasty treats hits all those addictive pleasure centers in my brain just right plus I’m rather nostalgic about Phillips Place and memories do funny things to the mind. Construction on Phillips Place finished up right after I graduated high school and that summer, along with the next couple summers and winter breaks during early college, I worked everything from cash registers to catering at Dean & Deluca on some days and raked in the cash waiting tables the other days at the newly-opend P.F. Chang’s. I still credit both those jobs with my respect for the controlled chaos swirling around the lives of waitstaff, restauranteurs, and “the back of the house.” Plus Phillips Place was my go-to spot for dates with my lady friends including Lil’ Mama.


Phillips Place still retains that well-heeled vibe it set-out for back in the late 90s. During winter the main avenue looks especially beautiful and illuminated with the shops and restaurants all done up in tinsel and ribbons, and the trees wrapped in bright white lights.  All the halls at WPPB were decked out in lights and Christmas decorations. Large wrapped presents hung from the walls. Lights snakes up and around the racks between the bar and main dining area. It was pretty busy so we all sat at one of the bar tables.

Our waiter was on point, stepping right up after we settled in to get a drink order before moving back to the bar to pour drinks and check on his other customers.


We ordered the crispy calamari appetizer to get us started. Most of the time when you order calamari it tastes like a chewy delivery system for the breading. The batch at WPPB was super tender ring cuts mixed with banana peppers and a generous splash of olive oil. The sauce complimented the flavor but the calamari easily stood on its own.


I ordered the chicken meatball pizza for myself. It comes topped with thinly sliced sections of large meatballs that were seasoned with Italian herbs, thin slivers of red onion, bits of black truffle and ricotta cheese. The crust was thin with a good bit to grab around the edges and not the slightest bit of being doughy or greasy. All the flavors come together nicely in a portion big enough to satisfy me or just right for sharing if you have a small appetite or pair your meal witha salad.


Aside from the flavor and ambiance (which makes you feel relaxed without sedating the environment), our service at WPPB was outstanding. Not only was our server on point throughout the meal, bringing drinks and hustling away empty dishes, but the manager on duty, Cedric, made sure to touch our table while circulating between the dining room, bar, and kitchen window. He spent a quick couple minutes chatting about the restaurant and seeing if we needed anything.


We finished the evening with Nutella gelato. I had to stop buying Nutella because I gained about 5 lbs. a couple years eating the nutty, chocolaty goodness straight out of the jar with a spoon. What can I say? I have a major sweet tooth and this got me my fix right quick. Nutella needs to expand their product line with an ice cream gelato, stat!

I enjoyed my visit to Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar and would be willing to come back for the crispy calamari alone.

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  1. Missed the best item on the menu, the hummus. It is fantastic.

    • Mick

      Good to know. I will be sure to order it the next time.

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