Lure Oyster Bar Coming to Ballantyne

Lure Oyster Bar Coming to Ballantyne

Cosmos Cafe closed their South Charlotte location after Easter and we received confirmation that the team behind Bradshaw Social House will takeover the space with a new concept called Lure Oyster Bar. The Sprowles family who owns BSH hopes to wrap up the remodel in early June with a seafood driven, chef-inspired menu. They’ve hired Justin Moehl, formerly of the uber-posh Bentley’s on 27, to head up the kitchen.


Aside from sushi restaurants, seafood-focused menus are few and far between outside 485. The Sprowles have done well with BSH, catering to a local crowd out to relax and watch sporting events, or dance and mingle to live entertainment. Justin Sprowles told me, “The nightlife will be complimentary to BSH, featuring live music at Happy Hour and DJs on weekend nights.”

They are also planning on adding a rooftop addition once Lure starts drawing in the crowds. We’re eager to see the interior of the new concept and the menu. Stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted as more details become available.

Here is our review from Bradshaw Social House when they opened last year. I have enjoyed watching their success over the past year and continue to frequently visit BSH.

By Mick
Dishing out observations on old favorites and new additions to my beloved Queen City's restaurant scene.


  1. Mick, any ideas on when Lure will open?

    • Mick

      The Sprowles told me they expect construction to be finished in early June. If all goes as planned, I would say June or July. If I get a firmer date, I will let you know.

  2. Unbelievable.

    Cosmos was a bright spot in this area. The food quality was excellent. The Sunday brunch spectacular. And the atmosphere a cut above.

    Just a bunch of nice folks.

    BSH is McDonalds by comparison.

  3. Cosmos was “Cougar Town” for Ballantyne.

    • Mick

      That is exactly what I said in our old review of Cosmos. Lure will probably have a big hook for the bait. Be forewarned: Cougars are hungry and must be fed otherwise they attack!

      • Well let’s just hope that new Oyster Bar, do some feeding!

    • Cougar Town in Ballantyne? How about a great place to dance,socialize with FRIENDS….Those “Cougars” went to the opening…Sorry you missed it!!!

  4. I’m ready to gobble some oysters.

    Spanky said they would continue the brunch.

    Apparently they missed their mid-June opening. Anybody know the opening date?

  5. A few friends and I had dinner on June 28. We ordered drinks and it took a little longer than usual for the drinks to be served and my beer was the wrong beer. I had to go to the bar and reorder my drink. The bartender was not very friendly and I felt like I was bothering her. We placed our food order and took a long time to receive our food. The server brought out the wrong order for one quest, the food for quest (2) was wrong and also cold but would have been good if hot. The third person in the group food was hot and very good. I hope this is just a result of first week nerves.

  6. Lure is Open and the Oysters are fresh especially the ones from Maine!
    Atmosphere is good and the Staff has been great!

    • Mick

      Great to hear, Jeanine. I’m looking forward to my first visit.

  7. Why the Menu so identical to Pearlz out if Charleston which will occupied in the former Miro’s at StoneCrest ?

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