McDonald’s Introduces Mickey D’s Dinner Box

McDonald’s Introduces Mickey D’s Dinner Box

McDonald's Deal Meal Box

Fast food giant McDonald’s has come up with another way to get people in the door.  They are promoting the Mickey D’s Dinner Box which consists of 2 Big Mac’s, 2 regular cheeseburgers, 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and 4 orders of small fries.  Drinks are only 1 dollar more apiece.  McDonald’s is trying to get families in the door or through the drive-thru.  If you bought the Dinner Box menu items separately it would cost you $8 more.  Say what you want about McDonald’s but the food is cheap.  Good?  Opinions vary.

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  1. The dinner box isnt $9.99 any longer.Its now $12.Crazy how it went up without alerting people.And who wants to eat that nasty Big man?I would rather eat the quarter pounder.

  2. The last time I got the box I paid 11″99 did they lower the price to 999.because I wouldn’t pay 11.99 sorry…

  3. what a rip-off bait-and-switch they replace the two Big Macs with two chicken sandwiches off the dollar menu

  4. […] Now, if Starbucks were to bring “Starbae” under its greater brand umbrella – and the nickname surely would have to move well beyond a single tween’s lingo for that to happen – the coffee giant wouldn’t be the first company to do so. McDonald’s, for example, has long embraced “Mickey D’s,” the casual nickname that some patrons use to refer to fast-food chain, and has even incorporated it into its branding. […]

  5. Florence Lilly of South Florida my sister is the one who first called McDonalds…….”Mickey D’s” She made this name up because her and Brandon Lilly her son would maybe eat there for dinner 6 to 7 nights per week. I know this because she invented that name of “Mickey D’s” way back around 1984. Just saying Flo Lilly should be a millionaire for inventing that name for them!

    • Really? Because we called it Mickey D’s back in the 1970s.

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