Moe’s Going to Carmel Village

Moe’s Going to Carmel Village

OK, we can admit when we screw up.  We reported that Orlando based Tijuana Flats was going to go into Carmel Village a couple of weeks back.  We were wrong.  We now know that Moe’s Southwest Grill is the actual new tenant at Carmel Village.   We had the right type of food but the wrong operator.  Matthew Livingston with Tijuana Flats gave us a call today to clear things up.  He gave us an update on the East Blvd location.  Construction is well on the way and the sign is scheduled to go up on Wednesday.  Matthew told us the goal is to be open late November-Early December.

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  1. So how long before longboards goes under? Cantina will hopefully trump flats on East. Why is it that East is supporting more and more chains while the rest of Charlotte gets all the good places? And can we please get rid of Showmars and Outback? I feel like there is this constant battle on East between evil (big chain) and good and I cringe when a chain like flats opens or when a local place like longboards fails to deliver. The next big question now is with caribou and brueggars are gone…who is going into that spot??? Please let it be a local Charlotte establishment!

  2. in regards to relevance…Moes is one of the evil empires on East that should be replaced….

  3. Agreed, Longboards is toast. I don’t know how you think you can open a restaurant in Charlotte without any parking? Maybe if you were in NYC but not here. They are already closed for lunch so you can see the writing on the wall. Tijuana Flats will be a good Mexican place and we can always use another good restaurant.

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