SouthPark Eats Alternative Looks to Make #FoodTruckWednesday a Regular Event

SouthPark Eats Alternative Looks to Make #FoodTruckWednesday a Regular Event

So I realize I may sound like a food truck-obsessed loony tune after last’s week post about mobile eateries and now posting another, but this really is a great event that deserves recognition! I ventured down to SouthPark this past Wednesday to check out the latest foodie-inspired lunch event, SouthPark Eats Alternative (SEA).

SouthPark Eats Alternative

Fueled by the lack of quick and convenient, yet quality food in the area, a lunchtime food truck rally was started at Fairview Plaza last month. Now, going on its fourth week in a row, business professionals in the area (and us Uptown epicurious folk looking to get out of the office for a bit) have a new lunch option.

After referring to the week’s lineup (available on their website prior to each Wednesday event), I was excited to finally check out one of Charlotte’s food truck veterans, The Chrome Toaster. Stay tuned for my part two of “Exploring the Charlotte Food Truck Scene” where I’ll dive into the Grilled Chicken sandwich I devoured, and share my opinions on other food truck fare—good and bad.

The Chrome Toaster Food Truck

There is ample FREE parking directly behind the gathering, which is distinguished by bright blue flags. Even though I arrived early to beat the crowds, I was impressed with the turn out. There were eight trucks; up from six from the week prior, all circled around tents and cocktails tables with everyone from kids in strollers to suit-clad businessmen enjoying their meals. Surprisingly, none of the lines seemed to be too long, and within 10 minutes I had my food.

I was also happy to see that SEA is now partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina and is accepting canned/dried food item donations every Wednesday to help support local families. Be sure to bring an extra can of something and look out for the red bins to help eliminate hunger!

Food Truck Wednesday Charlotte, NC

Photo credit to Deborah Triplett

I had a great time at the event and a delicious meal, but unfortunately I don’t think I will be back. It’s one thing if you work in the area, but it’s just not worth the thirty minute round trip, especially when I have so many great options near Uptown.

Be sure to follow SouthPark Eats Alternative on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates and weekly lineups.

Have you checked out Food Truck Wednesday yet? What are your thoughts about this new event? Let us know in the comments below!

By Lea
Food-loving wanderlust connecting the dots between craft beer, live music, and the Charlotte (and neighboring cities’) restaurant scene. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more tasty bites.


  1. Is the Food Truck gathering still happening during the winter months? Are they meeting at 5960 Fairview this coming Wednesday, January 21st?


    • Lea

      Yes! They are still there throughout the winter months including this Wednesday. I would check out their Twitter account (@SouthParkEats) for updates and for each week’s truck lineup.

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