South End Named As “Great Beer Hood”

South End Named As “Great Beer Hood”

DRAFT Magazine recently named South End as one of America’s great beer hoods. With input from readers and local beer experts the list also includes South Philly, Ballard (Seattle) and North Park (San Diego). A special shout out to to Triple C Brewing with Dave Tollefsen, editor of NC Beer Guys saying, “Triple C went in three years ago—when they first got there, it was pretty much an abandoned warehouse district. Now of course, it’s all filled up. The short rail has been going through the South End for a few years now, but now they’re trying to extend the rail all the way north to NoDa to connect those areas.” Old Meck was titled the best original brewery, and Sugar Creek Brewing Co. as the newcomer to check out.




By Adam
My passion for great food, service, live music, and beer/wine/bourbon (not necessarily in that order) makes this type of work pretty entertaining.

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