Food Fascists On The March in the New York Nanny State

Food Fascists On The March in the New York Nanny State

This sob story ran in the Old Gray Lady a couple weeks back and I thought the Restaurant Traffic faithful deserved to know the latest absurdity coming out of the Nanny State.

Then I found more about the food photography ban here.

Gimme a break.

By the end of the first article, I half expected the New York Times to opine that their benevolent overlords, Nanny Bloomberg and Nanny Cuomo, needed their legislative goon squads to pass a law banning food blogging in order to save restaurants and professional food photographers from the injustices caused by upstart food writers and Internet commentary by the rabble.

What is next for New York?

A ban on taxis honking?

I feel sorry for New York City.

What was once considered a shining emblem of freedom and the American hustle is now the embodiment of runaway greed and authoritarian busy bodies.

Then again, what do you expect.

Haters gonna hate and statists gonna state.

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