Rippington’s Anchors Downtown Waxhaw Dining Scene

Rippington’s Anchors Downtown Waxhaw Dining Scene

Rip Eggs B

With recent word that City Tavern is going to come to Waxhaw and try to make it in the former Lavecchia’s restaurant space where so many have failed (the last place put their signs up and never even opened) we have to give credit to Rippington’s.  Rippington’s has anchored the downtown Waxhaw restaurant scene for over 12 years now.  They have seen many restaurants come and go and yet they persevere.  How do they do it when so many others fail?  They do it by serving solid food in a quaint atmosphere at a fair price.  We love Sunday Brunch at Rippington’s.

Rip Omm  The pictures above are the Eggs Benedict and the California Omelet which we had on our most recent Brunch visit.  The town of Waxhaw is getting larger as Charlotte starts to encroach and they passed liquor by the drink a couple of years ago which is sure to bring the chain restaurants.  We at Restaurant Traffic have nothing against the chains but we like to support the local guys.  Do we really need a McDonald’s on every corner in Charlotte?

Rip Dip

On your next trip to Waxhaw try Rippington’s out and be sure to save room for their famous Ice Cream Cake below.

Rip Cake

By Dave
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  1. It is so disappointing to read a review which attempts to compliment one establishment by bad mouthing another. The ‘Restaurant Traffic’ article is actually a shoddy piece of writing couched in passive-voice negativism. The tone of the writer is condescending — as though he is trying hard to do the restaurant a favor. Rippington’s deserves a much better write-up than this. And… where did the writer ever learn to begin a sentence with “We at”?

    • Ummm a diner hardly deserves more of a write up. Your comment makes it sound like they are dissing a James Beard award winner. It’s in waxhaw…enough said.

      • Roger try coming out from under your rock every once in a while. Rippingtons is far from a diner and one of the better restaurants in the Charlotte area.

        • Haha. Maybe it’s you who should crawl out from under the rock. This is why the food scene in charlotte has a tough time taking off…too many people think a good diner passes for fine food.

  2. Ken- are you defending McDonald’s?

  3. If so that is sad and they should ban you from this site for life.

    • 🙂 There is no defense for McDonalds. I thought the article was tinted against City Tavern, which does serve good food — way beyond the strata of McDonalds. I believe City Tavern would succeed in Waxhaw and would raise the standard. That is good for the town.

  4. Dave

    Welcome to the Restaurant Traffic site. Our readers are passionate so don’t take anything personally. We are a blog so we butcher the “Queen’s English” occasionally. We know John with City Tavern and our only concern would be opening a restaurant in such a large space in Waxhaw. We wish them well and certainly are rooting for them. Thank you for logging in to RT. We hope to hear from you more often.


  5. You need to relax Ken and not take life so seriously. City Tavern is a tired concept and not many people think they will last in Waxhaw. Time will tell but history is not on their side. I will give them 6 months.

  6. So I heard city tavern’s lease is not being renewed in Stonecrest. Is this Waxhaw move attempting to replace that?

    • Dave

      Brian, That is what we understand too. Anybody out there know what is going into the CT space?

  7. City Tavern is not only a tired concept, but a dirty restaurant. Overpriced, poor quality food won’t last anywhere.

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